Installation Preparations what concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing station installation is the greatest guarantee the safe use later, so preparatory work prior to installation we also need to do the full job, then how will the concrete mixing station installation to maximize the potential, we must do the rational and bar below Xiaobian to resolve concrete mixing station preparations have? 1, the first given by the manufacturer in accordance with the concrete mixing station installation foundation plans, and prepare the ground and embedded. Installed base must be solid, consistent architectural design specifications. 2, good planning construction of access roads, temporary schwing concrete placing booms bridge, wharf and stockpiling area, and undertake leveling, not only did water, electricity, land leveling. 3, assembly concrete mixing stations hoisting equipment, such as cranes, tower vehicles, the installation process is not only to choose the right position, the more important is that we must use professional operators to install. 4, mixing station is mainly responsible positions in their own due diligence to ensure that every job acceptance, the only way to ensure safe and efficient work. Security is no small matter concrete mixing station, so we must not relax, only to lay a good foundation for a solid backing, so in order to produce efficiently must be taken seriously for each job.

How to choose the right concrete mixing station equipment

Concrete mixing station batching machine hosts and how to buy we have already talked about, lets talk about how to choose the right concrete mixing stations equipment. 1. Select the concrete mixing station cement powder supply equipment or one of the main raw material as concrete, cement plays a very important role. So choose carefully cement supply equipment necessary to treat, and now in the concrete mixing station, cement silo cement storage silos as its purchase requires special attention, we have to choose tightness, thickness solid cement silo. At the same time as the delivery of powder screw conveyor, it requires compact, small cross-sectional area, sealing, and process layout flexible, demolition, loading and easy to move. 2. Select the water supply of the additive weighing equipment in concrete mixing station, the water weighing hopper body requirements should not be too strict routine on the line, fighting for additive body, if it has a corrosive material, then it needs strong corrosion resistance, pumps, siphon pump selection requires a rough GB. The purpose is to ensure the quality, if you select a non-standard small plant products, devices are susceptible to damage, updating and maintenance is too much trouble. 3. Select the concrete mixing plant concrete transportation equipment transportation equipment must be based on topographic and construction equipment in the construction site to choose. Commonly used tanker conveyed. Of course, if there are other requirements can be selected according to the situation.

After completion of the concrete mixing plant produce what issues need attention

Concrete mix station will be some unforeseen problems in production, it requires staff each position must be serious and responsible, to ensure that the production of some minor problems can be solved in time, but after the completion of production requires concrete mixing station clean-up work, so as to ensure the efficient production next. So today we take a look at the concrete mixing plant After production problems which need attention. 1, frozen season, was completed pump should be exhausted, additional coolant pump, water tank, additional agent tank, water, additives in the pipeline residual water, additives to prevent damage to Diesel concrete pump the pump and tubing, and start the pump additional coolant pump operate for 1-2 minutes. 2, clean the mixing tank inside and outside wall fouling, the discharge mouth, concrete residue agitator shaft and discharge door, where rinse with water, if necessary, add a small amount of stone and water, stirring for several minutes release. Water for washing cars, and for the additional agent tank system. 3, the lubrication points are located out door shaft mixer, each hopper and weighing Doumen shaft, tape transport, machine roller, roller, roller bearings, drive chains, screw shaft, the lower bearing and host large gear, etc. . 4, adjusted when checking blades, scraper, stirring arms and other necessary clearance for wear or replaced; vibrators without loosening bolts; check the electrical contact device; static and dynamic contact relay damage and burnout. These are concrete mixing station production work after the completion of the inspection and maintenance issues, although more complicated, but we must make these basic smooth production work can only be assured of.

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